915-855-1524 3277 Pendleton Road El Paso, Texas 79937

who we are

The Eastridge church of Christ located in El Paso TX, is an undenominational group of believers who are striving together to glorify God according to the pattern found in the Scriptures. Please feel free to visit our assemblies, study together with us, and help us achieve our goal of glorifying God and spreading his will throughout the Southwest and beyond.

what to expect

Expect a warm welcome, Bible classes for individual instruction, and a simple New Testament-patterned assembly and service dedicated to glorifying God in the ways provided through his own revealed will.

join us in worship

2018 Gospel Meeting

God's Plan and Purpose for Our Salvation Since the Beginning

times of assembly

Sunday Bible study – 9:30 AM
Sunday services – 10:30 AM
Sunday services – 5:00 PM
Wednesday Bible study – 7:00 PM

bible classes

Sunday mornings
Acts of the Apostles (Joshua Chapman, Moderator)

Lessons from the Proverbs (Joe Wright, Minister)

Sunday evenings
Selected/Requested Sermons (Joe Wright, Minister)

Wednesday evenings
The Minor Prophets (Joe Wright, Moderator)

want a better understanding?

  • Have you wondered what the Bible is all about?
  • Do you know Bible stories but not know how they all fit together?
  • Have you been wanting to know more about the Bible but feel overwhelmed?

We offer various studies in which you can learn more about the Bible.